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Newly married couple’s post-wedding snack of Greggs sausage rolls goes viral, sparking love from social media users

A newlywed couple has become an online sensation after being photographed enjoying Greggs sausage rolls moments after their wedding ceremony. Lauren, 29, and Nathan Reynard, 35, were married last month in Crewe, and after the ceremony, decided to celebrate with their favourite savoury snack. The couple, who have since gone viral and even attracted the attention of Greggs, were photographed on the steps of a municipal building by their wedding photographer, Charlotte Talbot. The iconic photo has received more than 5,000 likes on Instagram, with many social media users praising the couple’s light-hearted approach to their wedding day.

Speaking about the photo, Charlotte said: “We decided that we wanted something fun to do in the wedding photographs straight after the ceremony. Due to it being a 9 am ceremony, Greggs was open, so we seized the opportunity and grabbed some Greggs sausage rolls and had some fun on the steps of the municipal buildings in Crewe.” Lauren and Nathan both loved the photos and said they perfectly reflected the fun and light-heartedness of their relationship.

After the wedding, Charlotte contacted Greggs to share the pictures, never expecting much to come of it. However, the British bakery chain was so impressed that they shared the photo on their social media pages. Charlotte was blown away by the response, saying: “To see that people love it too makes me so happy! As a wedding photographer, I am always looking for fun and different poses/ideas for couples and can’t wait to try new ideas in the future!”

The photo has received a lot of attention on social media, with many users praising the couple’s unconventional approach to their wedding day. Some users even shared their own similar experiences, with one saying: “I had Gregg’s for breakfast the morning of my wedding.” The iconic photo has left people obsessed, with one user writing: “This is so perfect.”

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