Albert Bartlett Collaborates with Tomson Consulting to Develop Net Zero Targets

When Albert Bartlett decided to pursue their Net Zero targets under the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTI), they chose not to outsource the project entirely to an external supplier.

David Douglas, Group Environmental & Sustainability Manager, explained, “When we decided we wanted to meet our Net Zero goals by 2024 the easiest solution may well have been to outsource the entire project.  But we wanted to educate our business and grow from the experience of this ambitious goal.”

Albert Bartlett contracted Tomson Consulting (TCL) to provide external advice and support, assisting them in developing a carbon management plan (CMP) without taking over the process.

The initial phase of the project involved TCL conducting workshops with Albert Bartlett, allowing the company to gain an understanding of topics frequently encountered when developing a CMP, such as scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. These workshops also helped relate these topics to Albert Bartlett’s work.

David added, “This was really successful as we wanted to take ownership and get to understand what we needed to do – which wasn’t an easy task given the minefield of guidance that is provided. Just the electricity emissions guidelines alone were 80 pages so that would have been a lot to deal with ourselves.”

Instead, TCL conducted site visits at AB facilities in Airdrie, Boston, and Westwick, where they reviewed energy consumption to identify opportunities for reducing carbon emissions and associated costs related to buildings, equipment, and processes.

Tomson Consulting led the process and helped quantify opportunities, including suggestions like solar PV installation, insulation, methods to reduce machine operating times, and improved climate controls.

David said, “What was unique and very exciting about our partnership with TCL was the ability to learn so much along the way, finding out ways we can help ourselves manage our Carbon Management Plans going into the future.”

Following assessments, TCL contributed to weekly meetings and offered consistent support to help AB with various tasks, including:

  • Completing a baseline scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG emissions inventory for the business following GHG protocol methods.
  • Identifying and evaluating opportunities to reduce GHG emissions across its activities, including farming.
  • Setting appropriate near and long-term carbon reduction targets complying with SBTi requirements.
  • Providing practical advice and support on carbon management to the agronomy team.
  • Developing carbon reduction targets for reducing FLAG emissions (Forest, Land, and Agriculture).
  • Prioritizing potential carbon reduction projects into a carbon management plan.

David confirmed that all their original outcome targets were met and they now have a carbon management plan, a revised carbon management planning tool, and various reports on farm-based opportunities to reduce carbon emissions.

Mike Milner, who led the project for TCL, attributed the project’s success to Albert Bartlett’s buy-in, allowing carbon management to be integrated into the core business.

Albert Bartlett continues its journey toward Net Zero with TCL, focusing on improvement in baseline figures for emissions and identifying more opportunities for emissions reduction across various aspects, including light bulbs, tillage, materials, travel, plastics, and more.

Albert Bartlett commended Tomson Consulting for their organic and engaging approach, emphasising the development of their practices under expert guidance. They view this partnership as a team effort, integrating advice and support into their culture and long-term operations.

The collaboration between Albert Bartlett and Tomson Consulting is ongoing, with a focus on continued integration and a partnership approach to achieve sustained change.

Companies seeking similar support for SBTI or Carbon Management goals can find further information on workshops and partnership support by contacting

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