HT Legal Calls on Individuals to Seek Help and Expands Financial Services Claims Team to Address Rise in Pension Claims

HT Legal, a prominent legal firm specialising in financial services claims, is appealing to individuals who have concerns about their pension arrangements to step forward and seek assistance.

In response to a significant increase in pension claims across the UK, the firm has announced the expansion of its Financial Services Claims team. These claims, often referred to as SIPP claims, have shed light on the mismanagement and misconduct of Financial Advisers, SIPP providers, and Fund Managers regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The claims primarily revolve around unsuitable investments, such as Harlequin, Store First, The Resort Group, and others, which have led to substantial losses for clients, depleting their hard-earned pension funds.

“We strongly encourage anyone who has concerns about their pension investments or the advice they have received to reach out to us,” said Tony Carter, Managing Director at HT Legal. “Many individuals may be unaware of their rights or the potential for compensation. Our dedicated team is here to provide a free consultation, either over the phone or online, to determine if there are grounds for a claim before any formal commitment is required.”

While the focus has been on claims against advisers involved in unregulated investments, HT Legal is also devoting attention to other areas where regulated companies, including financial advisers and pension providers, have treated clients unfairly. Cases range from advising clients to move out of highly regarded Defined Benefit Pension Schemes to persuading them to transfer workplace schemes into private pension schemes, often driven by self-interest to generate fees for the advisers.

Instances of poor advice and overcharging have permeated the industry, with complaints on the rise even against reputable firms such as St James’s Place and Royal Sunlife of Canada. Clients have reported unnecessary transfers and unjustified fees, including payments for services they have not received, such as annual reviews. Shockingly, many individuals who opted for pension transfers have actually suffered financial losses due to increased charges and underperforming funds.

“At HT Legal, we believe that individuals should not have to tolerate substandard practices or endure financial losses due to poor advice,” added Tony Carter. “We are committed to utilising the resources of the Financial Ombudsman Service and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme to assist our clients in obtaining the redress or compensation they rightfully deserve.”

To ensure prompt and effective outcomes, HT Legal collaborates with industry experts to navigate the complex landscape of financial services claims, maximising compensation and redress for their clients. The expanded team possesses extensive expertise in handling diverse cases, employing a meticulous approach to each claim.

“Our team works tirelessly to ensure that our clients’ compensation or redress is swift and maximised,” noted Tony Carter. “We understand the impact that poor pension advice or mismanagement can have on individuals’ financial futures. Our mission is to provide them with the support, guidance, and legal representation necessary to rectify these injustices.”

HT Legal urges individuals who have concerns about their pension arrangements to come forward and seek assistance. The firm offers a complimentary consultation via phone or online, enabling prospective claimants to determine if they have grounds for a claim before making any formal commitments. Furthermore, HT Legal operates on a strictly no-win, no-fee basis, providing clients with peace of mind and a risk-free approach to pursuing their claims.

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