Leading the Charge: Phoenix 2 Retail Takes a Stand in Recycling Single-Use Vapes

In the United Kingdom, the improper disposal of disposable vapes has emerged as a pressing concern over the past year. Recent research by the BBC has revealed a startling statistic: a whopping five million disposable vapes are discarded each week, marking a fourfold increase compared to the previous year. Even more concerning is the fact that only 17% of vapers recycle their vapes properly.

In response to the mounting concerns voiced by both consumers and retailers regarding the surge in single-use vape waste, Phoenix 2 Retail, the UK’s fastest-growing vape supplier, is taking proactive steps to address this issue.

Chris Kelly, the CEO of Phoenix 2 Retail, stated, “We know everyone sees the colossal impact single-use vapes have on the environment, which is why we have been working on a 360-degree recycling solution for retailers for several months. Phoenix 2 Retail is set to roll out over 200 recycling units this month, followed by a further 5,000 units by the end of the year, subject to retailer agreements. We aim to reach all 15,000 retailers by the following year, ensuring at least one recycling unit per store. This step is part of our company’s ongoing efforts to tackle the issue of improper vape disposal”.

By providing these recycling units, Phoenix 2 Retail aims to encourage vapers to dispose of their single-use vapes in an environmentally responsible manner. The company believes that by making recycling units readily accessible and convenient, more vapers will be inclined to recycle their vapes properly.

To ensure the proper disposal of collected vapes, Phoenix 2 Retail has partnered with a registered waste management company. The process is straightforward for retailers: when the recycling units are full, the waste management company collects them and replaces them with empty units. All vapes collected through these units are subsequently recycled within the UK, guaranteeing that every unit is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. This partnership with a registered waste management company underscores Phoenix 2 Retail’s commitment to responsible and sustainable vape disposal. It ensures that all vapes collected through these units are recycled, thereby reducing the environmental impact of non-biodegradable waste. Phoenix 2 Retail’s initiative, in collaboration with the registered waste management company, underscores its dedication to its customers and the environment.

Phoenix 2 Retail’s commitment to addressing the issue of improper vape disposal is a significant part of their ongoing efforts to safeguard the vaping category in the FMCG sector. Their initiative represents a crucial step in increasing awareness of the problem and working towards a more sustainable future.

For more information on the Phoenix 2 Retail recycling rollout, please do not hesitate to contact Jackie Reed, Head of Quality & Compliance, at Jackie.reed@phoenix2retail.co.uk.

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