My Day: The UK’s First End-of-Life Planning Platform Connects Loved Ones with Dying Wishes

Dealing with the practical and emotional aspects of a loved one’s death can be an overwhelming experience. British businessman George Gyimah, hailing from Hythe in Kent, has introduced My Day, the UK’s inaugural end-of-life planning platform, to alleviate the stress and uncertainty surrounding end-of-life decisions.

My Day serves as a comprehensive online repository for individuals to document their end-of-life wishes, offering peace of mind and clarity for their loved ones. The platform allows users to compile essential information, including wills, life or medical insurance details, banking and building society accounts, investments, assets, and even instructions for the care of their pets.

One of the platform’s unique features is the “future messaging” function, enabling users to send messages to their loved ones from “beyond the grave” once they’ve passed away. These messages can be personalised for significant events or milestones, such as congratulating a grandchild on their 21st birthday.

My Day also provides a platform for creating “digital memorial walls,” where individuals can celebrate their lives by sharing photos, videos, and recordings of special moments and accomplishments. These memorials serve as a lasting tribute for family and friends to cherish.

George Gyimah, aged 58, was inspired to create My Day after hearing friends express their musical preferences for their funerals. He recognised the importance of consolidating end-of-life wishes in one accessible location to alleviate the burden on grieving families.

Gyimah shared, “I want to make it easier for people, to bring everything all together in one place, rather than having things in different places which no-one can find – and to know that people’s wishes will be respected.”

He emphasised that My Day is not merely an end-of-life plan but a celebration of an individual’s life accomplishments and a means to convey personal messages and goodbyes. Gyimah believes that addressing end-of-life matters is vital, even though it can be a difficult topic to discuss.

The platform also addresses the issue of delayed access to funeral wishes documented in a will. Funerals often take place promptly after a person’s death, while wills may not be read for several months. My Day ensures that a person’s wishes are known immediately, streamlining the process for loved ones.

Importantly, My Day places a premium on user privacy and data security. Users can decide whether to share their information with trusted contacts before their passing. The platform employs robust 256-Bit encryption, the same level of security used by governments, banks, intelligence agencies, and the military.

My Day’s innovative approach aims to provide individuals and their families with valuable support, ensuring their final wishes are honored while offering a platform for lasting memories and heartfelt messages.

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