Hilarious Discovery: “Penis-Shaped” Islands Amuse Google Maps Users

A Google Maps enthusiast had a good laugh recently when they stumbled upon a rather amusing sight—a series of islands that appeared to be shaped like male genitalia, sparking humour and calling it a “sausage party.”

The snapshot captured five phallic-looking islands situated near each other, interconnected by a long road. In addition to the shared road, each island featured its rude-shaped cul-de-sac, with water separating them. This peculiar arrangement can be found in Southport, Queensland, Australia, where the islands are adorned with sizable residential homes that further contribute to the willy-shaped outline.

Image Jam Press

For instance, at the ‘tip’ of each island, a cluster of houses accentuates the comical resemblance.

This amusing discovery was made by the eagle-eyed sleuth John Davies, who came across the hilarious design on Google Maps. The find has left fellow Google Maps users in stitches, with one user humorously remarking, “Sausage party.”

Another user, Austin, quipped, “I bet a bunch of d**kheads live there.”

Image Jam Press

Kelly added a clever comment, saying, “So where do you live? – just the tip.”

Francie joined the fun, saying, “Would it be all picks that live there.”

This lighthearted and unexpected find on Google Maps added a touch of humour to the day for those who came across it.


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