AC Valve Alliance Leads the Way in Starline Valve Production in the UK

In a significant advancement for the valve sector, AC Valve Alliance is delighted to announce an innovative initiative poised to transform the UK’s manufacturing and supply of Starline ball valves. Established in 2001 as a subsidiary of the AC Valve Alliance group, Starline Ball Valves UK was created to offer the market expedited stock valve modification services on behalf of our affiliate, Starline S.p.A. This recent development heralds a new era in the collaboration between Starline Ball Valves UK and AC Valve Alliance, ensuring unmatched speed and adaptability in satisfying customer needs.

Starline S.p.A is celebrated worldwide as a dependable marque in the oil and gas sector, distinguished by its superior quality materials, manufacturing excellence, and global certifications from prestigious entities like TOTAL E & P, Shell, KOC, PTTEP, INPEX, ADCO, ExxonMobil, and Technip. With its manufacturing roots in Italy dating back to 1976, the company boasts an extensive and comprehensive assortment of ball valves made from a variety of materials and designs.

Fast-Tracked Manufacturing

In an exhilarating new venture, Starline Ball Valves UK has bolstered its partnership with Starline S.p.A to introduce a bespoke manufacturing solution for Starline branded valves. This includes custom-made floating ball valves tailored to unique specifications and specific ends (hub end and overlay), along with exotic materials and high alloys such as Inconel, Super Duplex, Alu bronze, Hastelloy – available in both ANSI and DIN standards.

This collaboration extends beyond mere cooperation; it is solidified through an official licensing agreement, enabling the exclusive manufacturing of Starline valves within the UK. This strategic initiative aims to refine the production process and offer customers rapid delivery options, establishing a new benchmark for industry efficiency and responsiveness.

A Legacy Of Excellence

For more than two decades, Starline Ball Valves UK has stood as a premier provider of stock and valve modification services, serving a wide array of sectors like oil, gas, petrochemicals, and renewable energy. Their dedication to excellence and innovation has secured them a consistently favourable reputation, making them a preferred choice for clients in need of dependability and high performance.

AC Valve Alliance contributes a rich reservoir of knowledge and skill to the industry, boasting an in-house team proficient in every facet of valve manufacturing, from design engineering to production and sales. This enables us to provide expert advice to clients on applications encompassing temperature, fluids, materials, and pressures.

Key figures within the AC Valve Alliance management team have maintained a close working relationship with Starline S.p.A for over four decades, possessing an in-depth understanding and expertise of their high-calibre valves and actively participating in the development of their product range. We are committed to delivering bespoke solutions that precisely meet our customers’ varied requirements.

Unmatched Flexibility & Speed

What distinguishes this partnership is its capacity to deliver exceptional flexibility and speed in addressing customer demands. Whether the need is for ready-made solutions, modified stock valves, or tailor-made products, Starline Ball Valves UK and AC Valve Alliance have the necessary infrastructure and knowledge to execute with utmost precision and efficiency.

With significant investments in cutting-edge CNC technology, we are equipped to offer clients swift and adaptable delivery solutions, especially when faced with extended lead times. Our product range includes floating ball valves, trunnion mounted ball valves, single and double block and bleed, soft and metal-seated, cryogenic and high-temperature designs, all provided with complete traceability by exclusively sourcing materials from Western Europe.

Comprehensive Solutions From Design To Delivery

Spanning direct supplies from Starline Italy’s factory to European stockholding and bespoke modifications, the partnership delivers an all-encompassing array of solutions to cater to the varied requirements of our clientele. Whether the need is for standard products or specialized components, clients can depend on Starline Ball Valves UK and AC Valve Alliance to supply top-quality products with comprehensive traceability and quality assurance.

A Vision For Growth & Innovation

As the collaboration between Starline Ball Valves UK and AC Valve Alliance continues to flourish, the future is filled with promise. United by a vision for expansion and innovation, we are dedicated to pushing the limits of the possible within the valve industry, establishing new standards for quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

The alliance between Starline Ball Valves UK and AC Valve Alliance marks a significant milestone in the valve industry. By merging our strengths and expertise, we stand ready to offer unparalleled value to our customers while driving forward innovation and excellence. As we forge ahead, it is evident that the prospects for valve manufacturing have never been more optimistic.

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