Andrew Flynn Unleashes Stirring Single “Narcissist,” a Queer Anthem of Resilience

Emerging queer music artist Andrew Flynn has released his latest single, “Narcissist,” blending 80s/90s influences with a modern flair. This emotionally charged track reflects Andrew’s journey through love, loss, and self-discovery, rooted in his personal experiences.

From his humble beginnings in Billingham to making an impact in Seaton Carew, Andrew balances his dual roles as a psychotherapist and a musician with remarkable skill. By day, he explores the human psyche, and by night, he channels his insights into soulful lyrics, crafting stories that resonate deeply with his listeners.

Describing his latest offering, Michael Jamo of said, “Narcissist is a soul-baring journey through the dark side of love.” The track embodies dramatic and evocative storytelling, a hallmark of Andrew’s music.

“Narcissist” draws inspiration from icons like Erasure and George Michael, creating a sound that is both reminiscent of the past and refreshingly contemporary. Andrew shared his excitement about the release, stating: “I am very excited to be releasing Narcissist as the song’s creation lies in my own personal journey—a testament to my resilience forged through the challenges of growing up gay in the 1980s. Turning my past struggles into a creative goldmine, the aim is converting shame and trauma into strength through every lyric I write.”

The single invites audiences on an intense journey, exploring relationship complexities and the quest for self-worth. Illustrate Magazine remarked, “Narcissist is an emotional odyssey. Andrew Flynn’s ability to infuse vulnerability into synthpop creates a unique sonic experience. The song serves as a testament to the resilience of the spirit, wrapped in a shimmering cloak of synth-laden melodies.”

Thomas Frenken of commented: “Andrew Flynn’s Narcissist harbours undeniable potential. The dark mood of the song immediately casts a spell over the listener.”

Andrew Flynn’s “Narcissist” stands as a powerful statement in his ongoing journey of authenticity and healing through music. Available on all major streaming platforms, this single is set to leave a lasting impact in the world of music.

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