Gas Station Simulator Ascends to New Heights with “Airstrip DLC” Today

New DLC launches alongside Roustastic Sale on Steam

Kraków, Poland – April 26, 2023 – Gas Station Simulator, the critically acclaimed management game from developer and publisher DRAGO entertainment, expands into aeronautics with the launch of the “Airstrip” downloadable content today on Steam. The DLC elevates the base game to greater heights by introducing new aviation-themed features and content.

Sure, operating a gas station sounds simple, but what sort of challenges arise when faced with running a fuel-up strip for airplanes? Expand the gas station’s services by converting a rundown barn and runway into a hub for pilots. The Airstrip DLC includes planes from more than 16 countries, 50+ new products to keep store shelves stocked, and a wealth of decorations, building upgrades, and more.

Utilize Towy, a new vehicle, to tow planes in need of a lift. Chat Joe, a friendly pilot who serves as a guide throughout the Airstrip DLC campaign and upgrade the station’s barn with over a dozen useful upgrades unlocking new services and options. Customize the airstrip with stylish decorations and seek out seven new landmarks to further improve its visual appeal.

Tackle new minigames and mechanics introduced in the DLC, like duct tape repairs and airport marshaling. Guide planes through the skies, trade goods with other pilots, and fuel planes before they depart for their next flight. The Airstrip DLC introduces new challenges and gameplay opportunities for Gas Station Simulator fans while maintaining the series’ signature style and immersive systems.

“We’re honored to see the Gas Station Simulator community’s ongoing support,” said Karol Sasorski, Marketing Manager, DRAGO Entertainment. “With the launch of the Airstrip DLC today, we can’t wait to see the new heights players can reach!”

Gas Station Simulator’s Airstrip DLC is now available for $7.99 on Steam with an additional 10% launch discount through Wednesday, May 3. In addition to today’s DLC launch, DRAGO entertainment is pleased to host the Roustastic Sale event on Steam. Beginning at 10 AM PT on Wednesday, April 26, enjoy discounts of up to 90% off titles in the publisher’s portfolio alongside games from friendly developers. To learn more about the Roustastic Sale, visit the Steam page.


Airstrip DLC Launch Trailer

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