‘I Suffered from an Exceptionally Rare Disease, Resulting in the Loss of My Eye, Which Became a TikTok Sensation,’ Shares Mother of Two

‘I Suffered from an Exceptionally Rare Disease, Resulting in the Loss of My Eye, Which Became a TikTok Sensation,’ Shares Mother of Two

Article: A mother of two has shared her experience of losing her eye to an incredibly rare disease, so extraordinary that doctors retained her eyeball for research purposes.

One evening, Brianna Erickson noticed a burst blood vessel in her left eye, which initially didn’t raise much concern, though she felt a slight unease.

Realizing that the condition was not improving, she decided to consult her optician, who promptly referred the 28-year-old to a specialist.

After undergoing several tests, Brianna received devastating news—she was diagnosed with ocular melanoma, an extremely uncommon form of cancer that affects only five in every one million individuals.

Brianna, hailing from Minnesota, USA, is now recounting her journey on TikTok (@apocalypticautopsy), where her video has gone viral, amassing 1.3 million views and over 136,000 likes.

“At the time, I didn’t experience any vision problems or pain. I simply thought it was a burst blood vessel,” Brianna told NeedToKnow.co.uk.

“Moreover, I was pregnant with my second child at that time, so I learned that no action could be taken until after the birth of my baby.

“However, subsequent tests were conducted, and I had the opportunity to discuss my options regarding the melanoma.

“Complete removal of the eye would eliminate any chance of the cancer spreading.”

Although the recommended course of action was to have her eye surgically removed, Brianna opted for an alternative approach, utilizing gamma knife radiotherapy to address the issue.

Unfortunately, this treatment proved to be only temporary.

In December 2021, she noticed a growth in her eye and was advised to undergo surgery.

She explained, “The growth appeared exactly where the enlarged blood vessel had previously been located.

“I consulted the doctors again, and they informed me that the only way to prevent the cancer from recurring was to remove my eye.

“Naturally, I panicked and bombarded them with numerous questions, primarily about the timeframe within which I needed to make a decision.

“The doctors informed me that without intervention, my life expectancy would be approximately one year, strongly urging me to proceed with the eye removal.

“I spent as much time as possible engaging in activities with my children, cherishing the beauty of the world with both eyes—going to the movies, parks, anything.”

Regarding the surgical procedure, Brianna added, “One moment, I was being anesthetized, and the next, I awoke with only one eye.

“They retained my eyeball for further testing. I have requested to either keep it or receive a fragment at least.

“Within days following the surgery, my vision became clear again.

“Now, I must undergo regular MRI and CT scans to monitor my organs since I have twice the likelihood of developing cancer once more.”

TikTok users have been captivated by Brianna’s courage, praising her as a “badass.”

In one video, Brianna looks into the camera, showcasing her right eye, while revealing that her left eye appears to be adorned with pierced jewelry.

It turns out she uses eyelash glue to attach piercing balls to her upper and lower eyelids, easily holding them in place while filming the video.

One person remarked, “No, because it looks COOL. Besides, what harm can it do? It’s already not there.” [sic]

Trinket chimed in, saying, “After the initial shock, it’s actually really cool. I just needed a moment, haha.” [sic]

“I mean, why not? It looks pretty badass,” commented another admirer.

“I love it, Picasso! Seriously, it’s unique and cool,” Dami expressed.

“This is not only clever but also stylish,” added another user. [sic]

Brianna employs social media as a means to assist others who may be going through a similar experience.

She added, “I want people to reach out for support, to find relatability, seek advice, and for various other reasons.

“I have become part of a community that is committed to instilling confidence and acceptance in individuals with a single eye!

“My ultimate goal is to raise awareness about ocular melanoma and encourage people to have their eyes examined every two years.”

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