Local Energy Advice Partnership Extends Free Energy-Saving Service to Kent and Essex

LEAP, The Local Energy Advice Partnership, renowned for its free energy and money-saving advisory service, is now serving the residents of London, Kent, and Essex, joining the battle against the escalating issue of fuel poverty in the UK.

This service is available to local residents grappling with high energy bills or issues heating their homes this winter. LEAP’s network of qualified energy advisors offers free guidance on energy efficiency and the latest energy-saving technology.

In light of the government’s recent decision to increase the energy price cap by 5%, affecting 29 million customers across the UK and leading to an estimated £94 rise in fuel costs for direct debit customers, LEAP’s service is more vital than ever, especially for residents of Kent and Essex. Data from the Office of National Statistics indicates that areas south of Tunbridge Wells in Kent are among the least energy-efficient. National Energy Action reports that in Harwich and North Essex alone, close to 6000 households are experiencing fuel poverty.

Vanessa Springham, Head of Marketing & Communications at LEAP, speaks about the local impact: “Fuel poverty is right on our doorstep. We are here to help local residents with free energy advice; it all starts with a relaxed, informal call. Anyone in the area who is struggling with the rising cost of energy bills is encouraged to get in touch. It’s about helping households minimise the risk of falling into fuel poverty and for those who are already in it, it’s reminding them that they don’t have to suffer alone.”

LEAP’s broad range of services includes providing appliance support, energy advice, facilitating access to energy efficiency funding schemes, and boiler replacements. The organization welcomes residents from Kent and Essex to explore these free services by visiting their website and arranging a consultation call.

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