Evolve Skateboards and Loaded Boards Collaborate to Birth the Onirique

In a groundbreaking synergy, Evolve Skateboards and Loaded Boards fuse Evolve’s extensive 13-year heritage in the industry with Loaded Boards’ unparalleled mastery in deck design, culminating in the inception of a singularly functional and exhilarating electric skateboard.

Evolve Skateboards and Loaded Boards joyfully declare the arrival of their most ingenious creation to date: the Onirique. Translated from the French term “dreamlike,” the Onirique vows to transport riders to an expanse where euphoria knows no bounds, and every voyage metamorphoses into a radical escapade. Notably, this marks the first instance wherein these two iconic skateboard titans have united to craft a board together.

Jeff Anning, the visionary mind behind Evolve Skateboards, articulates the harmony of this alliance, “What pairing could be more perfect than collaborating with a company that shares our passion, while also boasting unparalleled technical prowess across their entire product spectrum? When they already wield the technology, inventive contours, the concave expertise, and premium materials – it’s an intuitive move to amalgamate our strengths and mold it into an incredibly captivating product.”

Elevating the Commute Experience

Bolstered by the potential of up to 15.5 miles on a solitary charge and a pinnacle velocity of 22 mph, riders can set forth on extensive journeys devoid of concern. The potent dual 1500-watt motors empower riders to conquer inclines with gradients of up to 30%, all without a whisper of fatigue. Accompanied by the Orangatang Caguama 85mm Street Wheels, riders luxuriate in maximum roll speed, facilitating both commutes and carving endeavors.

This electric skateboard boasts a three-tier bamboo deck cocooned amidst fibreglass/epoxy layers, striking a harmonious equilibrium between facile maneuverability and unyielding durability. Bamboo veneers embellishing the upper and lower surfaces not only elevate the deck’s visual allure but also contribute to its utilitarian attributes. The presence of assertive grip tape ensures steadfast foothold, catering to leisurely cruises as well as high-velocity electric skateboarding.

A Fusion of Design Prowess

At the heart of the Onirique’s allure resides its pragmatic design. A spacious deck platform, understated concave, and meticulously placed flares culminate in stability, responsiveness, and optimal foot placement. These elements together foster an intuitive posture that perpetually keeps riders attuned to their board’s orientation. Whether meandering leisurely, sculpting intricate carves, or pushing the boundaries of e-skate performance, the Onirique seamlessly adapts to the rider’s individual style.

Don Tashman, the luminary guiding Loaded Boards, encapsulates the essence of the Onirique deck, “Crafted with electric skateboarding in the forefront of our minds, the Onirique deck strikes a balance between stability and agility. Its breadth engenders steadiness, while its streamlined profile ensures swift and effortless lateral transitions. This amalgamation of attributes facilitates precise control, all while preserving stability requisite to accommodate the motors’ velocity and force.”

Artistry in Motion

Inspired by the vanguard of surfboard shapers such asTomo and Album, the Onirique’s performance-oriented silhouette conceals intricate curvatures beneath a deceptively uncomplicated and appealing form. The artistic composition, deftly fashioned by Nanastudio, captures the dreamlike quintessence encapsulated by the board’s moniker, amplifying the electrifying allure of the riding experience.

The Onirique electric skateboard is currently open for pre-order through the official websites of Evolve Skateboards.

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