Introducing the NHS Homestay Hub: A Dedicated Homestay Marketplace for Employee-to-Employee Room Rentals, in response to the current housing and cost of living challenges, is revolutionising the accommodation landscape by introducing its technology to create a private employee Homestay Hub. In a recent partnership with the NHS, has launched a dedicated homestay hub exclusively for NHS employees, enabling them to rent rooms from their fellow colleagues. With a focus on convenience, affordability, and fostering a sense of community, this marketplace aims to simplify the process of finding affordable, comfortable, and compatible housing solutions within the NHS. Although was not commissioned by the NHS to provide this service, they were eager to support NHS staff by creating this dedicated platform.

The NHS Homestay Hub offers a private marketplace where employees can connect with their colleagues who have spare rooms available for rent. This unique approach not only addresses the housing needs of both domestic and international recruits in the NHS but also strengthens professional relationships and promotes a collaborative work environment.

Key features of the NHS Homestay Hub include:

  1. Secure and Confidential Environment: Only NHS employees can list or search for available rooms, ensuring a safe and trusted community.
  2. Seamless Room Rental Experience: The hub offers a request-based booking process, advanced search filters, and video messaging, making it effortless for employees to find suitable rooms within their organisation. Detailed listings provide information on amenities, house rules, and preferences, empowering employees to make informed decisions about their ideal accommodation.
  3. Cost-Effective Housing Solution: Renting rooms from fellow employees can result in significant cost savings compared to traditional accommodation options. The NHS Homestay Hub promotes affordable alternatives, enabling employees to find housing within their budget while reducing commuting time and expenses.

Yvonne Finlay, CEO of, expressed her excitement about the launch of the NHS Homestay Hub, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce the NHS Homestay Hub as a dedicated marketplace for employee-to-employee room rentals. Our Homestay Hub solution makes the housing search process convenient and efficient for any large organisation while fostering a strong sense of community among employees. We believe that this innovative approach will not only provide affordable accommodation options for NHS employees but also enable them to monetise their spare rooms during this cost of living crisis. We are delighted to launch this initiative.”

Ian Burden, Head of Transformation at NHS England, shared his enthusiasm for the initiative, stating, “Homestay has been incredibly supportive of the NHS by establishing a secure section of their platform where NHS members can rent rooms to other NHS members. This initiative benefits all of us because staff can earn extra money under the Government’s ‘rent a room scheme,’ and it also provides cost-effective accommodation for staff and students.”

NHS employees can sign up to become hosts and list their available rooms or become guests and book rooms through the NHS Homestay Hub at

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