Unveiling the Onirique: A Dreamlike Collaboration between Evolve Skateboards and Loaded Boards

This groundbreaking electric skateboard harmoniously melds Evolve’s impressive 13-year legacy in the industry with Loaded Boards’ unparalleled expertise in deck design, culminating in the birth of a uniquely functional and exhilarating ride.

In a resounding declaration, Evolve Skateboards and Loaded Boards proudly introduce their most innovative creation to date: the Onirique. Derived from the enchanting French word for “dreamlike,” the Onirique beckons riders to a realm where the thrill knows no bounds, and every journey becomes a spirited adventure. This marks the inaugural instance of these two iconic skateboard brands joining forces to craft a board that embodies their combined essence.

“What could possibly align more seamlessly than a partnership with a company that not only shares our unwavering passion but also boasts exceptional technical prowess across its entire product spectrum? With their advanced technology, innovative profiles, concave structures, and premium materials, the collaboration was a natural evolution—a no-brainer to channel our energies and forge an incredibly enthralling product,” proclaimed Jeff Anning, the visionary founder of Evolve Skateboards.

Elevating the Commuting

Odyssey Embarking on extensive excursions without trepidation is now a reality with the Onirique, offering a range of up to 15.5 miles on a single charge and attaining a maximum speed of 22 mph. The potent dual 1500-watt motors empower riders to ascend gradients as steep as 30%, all while maintaining a composed demeanor. Adorned with the Orangatang Caguama 85mm Street Wheels, this electric skateboard ensures optimal roll speed, making it perfect for both commuting and carving.

The Onirique electric skateboard boasts a three-layer bamboo deck encased within fibreglass/epoxy layers—a harmony of lightweight agility and robust resilience. Bamboo veneers grace the upper and lower surfaces, not merely elevating the deck’s visual allure, but also contributing to its performance. A grip tape with aggressive traction guarantees secure footing, whether indulging in relaxed cruising or delving into high-velocity electric skateboarding.

A Fusion of Design Mastery

The Onirique’s allure resides within its functional design philosophy. A generously wide deck platform, subtle concave, and strategically positioned contours confer stability, responsiveness, and the pinnacle of foot placement optimization. This amalgamation encourages an innate stance that keeps riders attuned to their board’s orientation, whether engaged in cruising, carving, or pushing the envelope of e-skate performance. The Onirique flexibly adapts to the rider’s unique style.

Don Tashman, the visionary founder of Loaded Boards, expounded, “The Onirique deck was meticulously crafted with electric skateboarding in mind. Its width guarantees steadfast stability, while its streamlined dimensions ensure swift and effortless shifts from side to side. This seamless transition from edge to edge enriches control, all the while maintaining the stability requisite to harness the velocity and power of the motors.”

Artistry Set in Motion

Drawing inspiration from trailblazing surfboard artisans like Tomo and Album, the Onirique’s performance-driven contours veil intricate undulations beneath an ostensibly simple and captivating form. The masterfully executed graphic design, courtesy of Nanastudio, effectively captures the ethereal essence of the board’s moniker and the electrifying riding encounter it promises.

Availability and Journey Ahead

The Onirique electric skateboard now stands ready for pre-order through the official platforms of Evolve Skateboards: https://www.rideevolve.com/products/onirique-board

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