Diver Discovers Massive Six-Inch Shark Tooth Believed to Be from Prehistoric Megalodon

A diver had an astonishing find when he discovered a gigantic six-inch shark tooth, believed to have originated from the infamous prehistoric predator, the Megalodon.

Dylan Belson, 18, was freediving in a river in North Carolina, USA, when he spotted the massive tooth. His underwater discovery left him screaming with excitement as he realized the significance of his find.

Upon measuring the tooth, Dylan confirmed that it was precisely 6.004 inches long, strongly indicating that it once belonged to a Megalodon shark. These prehistoric giants lived approximately 23 to 3.6 million years ago and were known for their enormous teeth, with the largest ones reaching lengths of up to 6.9 inches. This size dwarfs the teeth of modern great white sharks, which are just a fraction of the Megalodon’s teeth.

Dylan shared his incredible discovery on social media, where it quickly garnered the attention of intrigued viewers, accumulating 1,300 likes and sparking various comments. Many expressed awe and amazement at the size of the tooth, and some contemplated the immense mouth it must have come from.

The Megalodon remains a fascinating and mysterious creature of prehistory, and discoveries like this tooth help shed light on its existence and impressive size.

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