Ancient Egyptian Statue bearing a striking resemblance to Michael Jackson Ignites Social Media Frenzy

An ancient Egyptian statue, believed to be around 3,000 years old, has recently become a social media sensation, with many Twitter users asserting it resembles the iconic pop singer Michael Jackson.

Although Michael Jackson lived millennia later, the limestone sculpture, titled the ‘Lady of the Empire’, has sparked a wave of humorous online comparisons.

Housed in the Field Museum in Chicago, USA, this ancient Egyptian art was acquired in 1899 and recently captured the public’s imagination on Twitter.

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A viral post showcasing the statue attracted over 14 million views and 200,000 likes, with the original poster humorously declaring, “Mf that’s Michael Jackson.” [sic]

The tweet unleashed a torrent of agreement and amusement in the comments section.

Several users expressed their astonishment, commenting, “Can’t believe my eyes. It’s him,” and another humorously suggesting, “Bro gotta have a time machine.” [sic]

Others remarked on the uncanny resemblance, with comments like “They actually look like twins” and “I see him too.”

The statue even earned playful nicknames like ‘Princess Cleojackson’ and ‘Nefer-tee-hee’ from amused viewers.

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One user questioned the age difference: “Bro had a 3000-year age gap on them kids.” [sic]

Amidst the humour, many couldn’t help but see the resemblance, with comments such as “You can’t tell me that not gonna go ‘hee hee’,” and “She looks like MJ for real.”

The conversation continued with users agreeing on the striking similarity, with one even comparing it to Michael Jackson with a broken nose.

The post and accompanying reactions highlight the statue’s unexpected viral fame and the playful nature of internet culture.

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