Mysterious Appearance of Two ‘Ghost Ships’ on Peruvian Tourist Beach

Two enigmatic ‘ghost ships’ have been discovered on a tourist beach in Peru, intriguing locals and visitors alike. The first, a barge named ‘Guerrero,’ was reported missing in October after being anchored off San Lorenzo Island, Peru. Following the failure of its anchor, the vessel drifted and eventually washed up on Ventanilla Beach along Peru’s west coast.

The second vessel, a tugboat named ‘Quan Tum,’ appeared under mysterious circumstances on the same beach. It’s believed to have been involved in the Guerrero’s rescue operation when it encountered technical difficulties. The tugboat, containing over 600 gallons of fuel, has raised environmental concerns about potential spillage.

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Following the failure of the ship owners to remove the vessels, the head of the Port of Callao lodged a complaint with the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office in Environmental Matters on 30 November. A port spokesperson noted the challenging and costly nature of removing the ships, whether by sea or land.

Authorities, including the environmental crimes office, the regional government, and the Ministry of the Environment, have instructed the owners to remove the ships to prevent pollution crimes.

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Since the first ship’s arrival, it has become an unexpected tourist attraction, with locals flocking to the site. However, this has raised concerns about public safety, as the vessel is in poor condition, with rust and filth, and poses a danger due to its unstable structure.

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Influencer Soy DJ described the difficulty climbing the ship, cautioning about the hazardous conditions and emphasizing that it is not a safe tourist attraction.

These ghost ships have added a layer of mystery and concern to the usually serene tourist beach, captivating the imagination of visitors while posing environmental and safety risks.

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