Playboy Model’s Muscular Physique Intimidates Men in Dating Life

A Playboy model who once considered herself “chubby” has transformed her physique through rigorous fitness routines, but now finds that her toned muscles are intimidating men in her dating life.

Vanusa Freitas, known on Instagram as @euvanusafreitas, boasts a substantial online following of over 121,000 fans. However, the 31-year-old, dubbed the “Playboy Fitness Bunny,” reveals that her popularity on social media does not necessarily translate to her real-life dating experiences.

Over the past decade, Vanusa has dedicated herself to hitting the gym and sculpting her figure, shedding the extra weight she carried in her youth. Despite her confidence in her newfound physique, she believes that her muscular appearance is creating challenges in her pursuit of romantic connections.

Vanusa acknowledges that there are men who prefer slimmer women, and she reflects on her transformation from being chubby to achieving a muscular body. She explains that her muscular build can sometimes deter potential romantic interests, especially if they are not accustomed to the fitness lifestyle she leads.

While she often attracts men who are also fitness enthusiasts, Vanusa has also dated individuals who do not share her dedication to physical fitness. She notes that some men appreciate her muscular legs and physique, while others might prefer a different body type.

Sharing a personal experience, Vanusa recounts a situation where a man changed his attitude towards her after seeing her in a bikini for the first time. Initially, he treated her with interest, but upon seeing her muscular physique on the beach, he began treating her like a friend and eventually ended their relationship via text.

Despite facing comments from online trolls about her muscles being “too big,” Vanusa remains undeterred. She views these comments as confirmation of her fitness progress, emphasizing that her muscles are the result of hard work, dedication, and discipline.

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