The University of Aberdeen Faces Backlash for Introducing Charges for Graduation Ceremony Attendance

The University of Aberdeen has stirred controversy by imposing charges on families attending its graduation ceremonies, which has left cash-strapped students and their loved ones frustrated.

The new policy requires attendees to pay £13.20 per ticket for the graduation ceremony, an additional £1.20 fee per ticket, and a £1 handling fee when purchased through the Ticketmaster website.

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Previously, graduates were entitled to two free tickets for their family or friends, but this concession has now been withdrawn.

Notable alumni of the University of Aberdeen include actor Iain Glen from “Game of Thrones,” BBC broadcaster Nicky Campbell, former Chancellor Alistair Darling, and former Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell.

It’s important to note that the university has not offered concessions for children, pensioners, or low-income families.

The university, currently ranked 12th in the country, has defended its decision, claiming it could no longer cover the costs associated with organizing graduation ceremonies.

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The new pricing structure will take effect at the university’s upcoming winter graduations scheduled for next month.

This move has been strongly opposed by parents, students, and the general public. Many have criticized the university for prioritizing revenue over the celebration of academic achievement.

Tomás Pizarro-Escuti pointed out the irony of the situation, saying, “An interesting measure, especially considering that the Principal earns more than the Prime Minister and the President of the Supreme Court.”

Scott Campbell applauded the decision in a sarcastic tone, stating, “Well done, University of Aberdeen, for showing utter disdain to your students and their families on what should be a great celebration.”

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Karen Ritchie summed up the sentiment, saying, “Like every other thing in this world, it’s all about money now.”

Selena Garden highlighted the impact on struggling families, saying, “I think that is awful for people struggling to get food on the table, living hand to mouth.”

Darius Carr labelled the decision as “terrible.”

The University of Aberdeen has yet to respond to the growing backlash and criticism surrounding introducing these charges for graduation ceremonies.


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