TikToker Mocked Online for Unusual ‘Coffin’ Bed Set-Up – Fan Dangerously Close

A TikToker has become the subject of online ridicule due to his peculiar bedroom arrangement resembling a “claustrophobic” setup, with a fan positioned so closely that it has sparked concerns of potential “decapitation.”

Angelino Barragan, who goes by the handle @hotxdelusional on TikTok, has gained viral attention for his video showcasing his unconventional sleeping accommodations, amassing an impressive 1.8 million views.

In the video, the 19-year-old explains that he takes great care while getting into bed to avoid the fan, which he has accidentally grazed with his foot on one occasion. Despite the alarming proximity of the fan, Angelino insists that the setup isn’t as precarious as it appears.

Angelino, who works at a Taco Bell in Las Vegas, Nevada, shared his perspective on the situation: “The bed-fan issue arose when I purchased a new bunk bed for my room. When I started assembling it, I initially intended to place the bed on the opposite side, but it didn’t fit. I then attempted to position it in the middle of the room, but that also proved unsuccessful. Consequently, the only viable option was to place it on the side of the fan, nestled between the fan and the window.”

He further reassured, “I’m quite cautious around the fan. I had one incident where my foot grazed the fan, startling me. Since then, I’ve been diligent about not extending any body part beyond the bed.”

The TikTok video, captioned “Guys I swear it’s not as close as you think,” showcases the fan’s proximity to the bed as Angelino pans the camera around the room to demonstrate its positioning.

However, many social media users remain unconvinced, and the video has garnered over 116,000 likes, along with numerous concerned comments.

One individual commented, “It’s like a blade,” while another wrote, “How do you sleep? It looks so tight.” Another user humorously referred to the top bunk as a “coffin.”

Angelino remains unfazed by the negative reactions and finds the situation amusing. He shared, “I find the reactions amusing. It’s fascinating to see people freak out and stress over the bed I sleep in every night. I appreciate the concern and comments regarding my safety, but I don’t believe they realize how minimal the threat from my fan is. I’ve always slept in top bunks, so I’m accustomed to sleeping near a fan like this one!”

In summary, Angelino’s distinctive sleeping setup featuring a dangerously close fan has generated both amusement and apprehension online, with viewers expressing concern for his safety while he maintains his nonchalant perspective on the matter.

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