Tom Kerridge Faces Criticism for Promoting His Cookbook as a Key Christmas Cooking Tip

Celebrity chef Tom Kerridge has drawn criticism for suggesting that the best kitchen tip for Christmas cooking is purchasing his book. This endorsement was met with a mix of mockery and disapproval from fans.

A comment from a fan suggested waiting to buy the book when it’s discounted next year. His £13.50 ‘Pub Kitchen’ cookbook was criticized for its “complicated” recipes, with one food enthusiast declaring they would “starve” rather than “line his pockets.”

Kerridge, aged 50, advised: “To navigate the festive season as the designated chef, get a reliable cookbook and follow it. ‘Pub Kitchen’ is packed with classic British dishes sure to please everyone.”

Responses to his advice varied. One fan humorously asked if his top tip was to buy his book. Neil Allen joked about buying it at a reduced price next year.

An Amazon customer expressed disappointment, finding the recipes overly intricate for basic pub fare, leading to a return of the book. Deborah Ball criticized Kerridge’s commercialism, while Joe Forrester and Chris Wheeler praised the book, lauding its recipes.

Kerridge, who owns eight restaurants in the UK and boasts three Michelin stars, recently faced backlash for increasing prices on his cook-at-home Christmas dinner and Harrods’ fish and chips.


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