Tragic Outcome: Demise of Woman Following Cosmetic Surgery

In a tragic turn of events, a lamentable incident occurred when a 41-year-old lady succumbed after opting for a cosmetic procedure. The unfortunate demise took place subsequent to the surgery in the Colombian capital, Bogotá, following the woman’s journey from her abode in Montreal, Canada.

Luz Deicy Vélez Estrada, a Colombian-Canadian woman, encountered a sudden decline in her health during the night post-surgery, which ultimately led to her untimely passing within a medical facility.

Félix Alejandro Aguirre, the grieving husband, disclosed that Luz, after residing in Canada for 15 years, embarked on a trip to Colombia with the intention of availing herself of the services of an individual she discovered on the internet, referred to as ‘The Doll Maker.’ An amount of COP 28 million (£5,295) in cash was exchanged for the cosmetic procedure.

According to available reports, the initial motive for the surgery was a desire for a tummy tuck, but the unfortunate patient also underwent several additional procedures, including liposuction.

Félix recounted that his wife was transported in a wheelchair mere hours after the surgery, rendered speechless by the excruciating pain she endured.

Subsequently, the victim’s parents accompanied her back to their residence, providing assistance as she retired to bed. However, moments later, her health deteriorated severely when she experienced an urgent need to use the restroom.

According to Félix’s account, the sorrowful turn of events ensued as Luz began to expel copious amounts of blood, eventually losing consciousness within the confines of the bathroom.

Prompt action was taken by her parents, who swiftly rushed her to the nearest hospital. Although the medical staff managed to revive her upon arrival in the emergency room, a few minutes later, the heart-wrenching news was delivered by the attending physician—Luz had tragically passed away.

Adding to the grief, Félix expressed his distress over the fact that Colombian authorities have yet to repatriate his wife’s remains for a dignified burial, even after three months have elapsed since her untimely demise on the 8th of March.

With anguish in his voice, he voiced his plea for truth and justice, yearning to comprehend the circumstances surrounding that fateful day. The prolonged delay in bringing his beloved wife back home leaves him grappling with the dilemma of how to explain the situation to their children and extended family members.

In an effort to expedite the repatriation process and facilitate a swift investigation, Félix has reached out to the Canadian embassy in Bogotá as well as the Colombian embassy in Ottawa, seeking their assistance.

The investigation into the untimely passing of Luz remains ongoing, as her loved ones continue to grapple with the heartrending loss and the pursuit of answers.

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