Unusual Discovery: Google Earth Reveals Reservoirs Shaped Like Giant Y-Fronts

An intriguing and somewhat comical discovery has been made on Google Earth – reservoirs that bear a striking resemblance to a colossal pair of Y-fronts, the classic men’s briefs.

The credit for this remarkable find goes to the sharp-eyed local resident, Rob Tiger, who stumbled upon this peculiar sight.

These man-made lakes exhibit a distinct shape, split neatly down the middle and featuring three distinct sections at the bottom, akin to the design of undergarments. Located in Audenshaw, a town near Manchester, they have earned the affectionate moniker of the “Underpants Reservoir” among the locals.

Rob shared his discovery, stating, “This is just outside Manchester. Locals refer to it as ‘Underpants Reservoir.'”

The amusing find has sparked humorous reactions from others. Dai quipped, “A brief explanation.” Paul reminisced, “Used to go swimming in there in the summer; we used to call it ‘freshwaters’ or ‘Audie rezzers.'” Jimmy playfully exclaimed, “Y-fronts!” Alluding to the unexpected nature of the discovery, local Jimmy humorously added, “What a shock.”

Sam Allcock

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