Woman chokes on metal screw in work snack

Mónica Navarrete is seeking compensation from her former employers after swallowing a metal screw hidden inside a snack provided to her while working for fruit exporters Frusan in Chile. Navarrete decided to only eat bread from the snack table, provided by the company, during a night shift. She began choking and immediately felt something hard scraping down her throat.

Navarrete was eventually taken to a hospital, where an X-ray revealed that a one-inch screw had passed through her stomach and lodged in her colon. Navarrete, who was in severe pain, was eventually able to pass the object naturally after several days in hospital. Her lawyers argue that the company failed to ensure that the food provided complied with health and safety requirements, and failed to follow the proper protocol when an accident occurs at work. Navarrete’s former employers have yet to release a statement about the incident.

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