Enormous Python Found Hiding in Car Engine Shocks Onlookers

A shocking video has surfaced, capturing the moment when a massive python was discovered lurking in a car.

In the footage, the snake emerges from the car’s engine, its body slithering over the vehicle’s bonnet.

The astonishing video was shared by Brisbane North Snake Catchers and shows the python emerging from a parked car in Griffin, Queensland, Australia.

This python is identified as a coastal carpet python, a non-venomous snake known to grow between 2 to 4 meters in length and weigh up to 22 pounds.

Viewers on social media were astounded by the video and the snake’s unexpected hiding place, with one person calling it “unwise.”

Sonia Cassar commented, “That is one stunning-looking python. A shame I no longer have an exotic pet’s license, or I would keep that one as a pet, not that I ever dealt with many snakes.”

Chris Boyt-Cullis added, “Those poor inoffensive pythons make a lot of unwise choices.”

This isn’t the first time the snake-catching service has encountered a coastal carpet python in an unusual location. They previously shared pictures of one of these pythons hitching a ride in a camper van engine, where it was found curled up under the bonnet in Samford, northwest of Brisbane, Australia. Terrifying images captured the snake hiding beside the engine.

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