Five-year-old girl takes her Shetland pony for a walk on her motorbike after outgrowing riding it

A young girl named Verity Seignot-Griffiths has formed a close bond with her Shetland pony, Noodles. However, the five-year-old girl is now too big to ride Noodles, so she has taken up the unique hobby of taking her beloved pony for walks while riding her electric motorbike.

In a heartwarming video, Verity can be seen wearing a colourful tutu and a helmet, riding her motorbike around the family farm while Noodles trots alongside her on a lead. The two share a cuddle before Verity guides the pony over some jumps, with Noodles occasionally rolling in the grass as Verity pets him and takes him over more obstacles.

Verity’s mum Caroline Seignot, who runs The Pony Pals Family, said that her daughter first sat on Noodles when she was just two days old and has ridden him almost every day of her life. Although Verity is now outgrowing the riding side, she still enjoys being Noodles’ friend, carriage driving him, and finding unique ways for him to join her adventures.

Caroline said that she was sad to see the chapter of watching Verity riding Noodles come to a close, but they can still carriage drive him together and play in many other ways. Verity is very lost as she found Noodles’ back to be her happy place, where she could sit and ponder her thoughts alongside the actual riding activities. Caroline loves to watch their friendship flourish, and the things they achieve together make her proud.

The heartwarming video of Verity and Noodles has captured the hearts of many social media users who have praised their unique bond.

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