Tipsy Pooches Playfully Tangle Up at Local Pub, Delighting Onlookers

A pair of playful golden retrievers brought laughter to their local pub in Delaware, US, when they appeared to have a bit too much fun and got themselves into an amusing tangle.

The two dogs had been enjoying the company of their owners at the pub, but as the hours passed, their merriment seemed to get the best of them. In a delightful twist of canine camaraderie, one of the dogs managed to find himself in a comical predicament, wedged underneath the other’s leg.

A snapshot of the scene captured the moment, showing the two dogs appearing slightly bleary-eyed and thoroughly entertained by their playful escapade.

Pub-goers couldn’t help but join in the fun, with Jessica Lee jokingly remarking, “Two doggos at the brewery today after one too many.” Alianne Hamilton playfully chimed in with, “Go home dog, you’re drunk.”

Fidget Green-Iguana shared her own dog-related anecdote, saying, “My dogs are lightweights when it comes to beer too,” while Ronny Gadoury imagined the dog’s thoughts with, “He’s like ‘You wot mate?'” Serena Samqua summed up the situation with, “This is pretty trippy looking.”

The playful incident provided a lighthearted moment for all in the pub, showcasing the joyful antics of our four-legged friends.

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