Businessman Mysteriously Disappears on International Trip, Found After 13 Days

Márcio Rodrigues da Silva, who inexplicably disappeared during a business trip, has been found 13 days later. Silva, hailing from Itupeva near São Paulo, Brazil, departed for Zurich, Switzerland, on November 7.

His disappearance occurred shortly after he arrived in Zurich on November 8. Silva had travelled to Europe to complete paperwork related to an online investment. The plan was to spend two days in Switzerland before heading to Spain.

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However, things took a turn after Silva met with representatives from the investment company. The 44-year-old began to doubt the legitimacy of the deal. In his last message to his wife, Ana Lúcia Cera, he expressed fear and suspicion: “Whatever God wills, okay? I think we’ve fallen into a trap, okay? A big one. I’ll pray that God keeps me alive. I want to tell you something, my love, from the bottom of my heart – if anything happens to me, know that I love you very much.” Soon after, his phone went silent.

Ana Lúcia, distressed, alerted the police, leading to Interpol’s involvement. Relief came when Silva, who was employed in the pharmaceutical industry, was found on November 21.

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Carlos Cera, Silva’s brother-in-law, reported to the media that although Silva was weak, he was coping well, given the situation. During his absence, the family reached out to Swiss authorities, hospitals, and even morgues in search of Silva.

While Silva has been located, the details surrounding his disappearance remain unclear. Speaking to the media on November 22, Silva’s wife mentioned that Silva was still giving statements, with the investigation being carried out confidentially.


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