Mother Reunited with Daughter 27 Years After Alleged Kidnapping

A mother has been joyfully reunited with her daughter, Juana, 27 years after she was allegedly snatched as a toddler in a park. Lorena Ramírez, who last saw Juana when she was just three years old, experienced the heartbreak of her daughter’s sudden disappearance. However, Juana, now known as Rocío, managed to track down her real mother and reconnect with her.

Rocío, now 30 years old and a married mother of two, was allegedly taken in by another family after she was snatched. She had been given a new birthday by her alleged abductors, who claimed she was born on the same day she was taken, rather than her actual birth date of 16 June.

Rocío always had a feeling that she did not belong to her adoptive family and claimed they treated her poorly. At the age of 17, she left their house and went on to marry her current husband.

The incident occurred on 1 October 1995 when Lorena took her three children to Bosque de Chapultepec, one of Mexico City’s largest parks. While saying goodbye to her sister-in-law and husband after their walk, Rocío suddenly disappeared. Lorena had a strong intuition that her daughter had been taken from her.

Rocío recalled that she had been holding her parents’ hands when she momentarily felt someone grab her waist. She woke up in a strange house with three young boys who were introduced to her as her brothers. Despite the desperate efforts of Lorena and her husband to find her, it took many years before Rocío discovered the truth about her origins.

When Rocío was old enough, she learned from neighbours that the couple she was living with were not her real parents. After confronting her adoptive mother, she was told that she had been found wandering alone in Bosque de Chapultepec.

Years later, Rocío’s husband encouraged her to search for information about lost or stolen children on the internet. She came across a photo on a website that bore a striking resemblance to her own son. Rocío recognized herself in the picture and began to believe that she had finally found her family.

It took eight more years for Rocío to gather the courage to search for her family. She eventually launched an appeal on social media, and her post caught the attention of one of Lorena’s other daughters, María José. They connected on social media and arranged a reunion between Rocío and her long-lost mother.

The emotional reunion took place in August 2022. After meeting, Lorena and Rocío underwent a DNA test that confirmed their relationship with 99.99% certainty. Over the past 10 months, they have been making up for lost time and getting to know each other.

Lorena expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to be together again and thanked God for the reunion. While acknowledging that she missed out on seeing Rocío grow up, Lorena is determined to cherish the time they have together now.

The couple who allegedly abducted Rocío were arrested in March of this year, although it is uncertain when they will stand trial.

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