Trailblazing Collaboration: ShotQuality Partners with Huddle to Elevate iGaming Experience

ShotQuality is excited to unveil its strategic partnership with Huddle, a prominent player in delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to iGaming operators globally. This collaboration introduces Huddle’s clients to ShotQuality’s innovative Score Center and exclusive location data.

The revolutionary ShotQuality Score Center offers real-time predictions for live games, elevating fan engagement and potentially enhancing bettors’ performance. These predictions leverage ShotQuality’s AI and computer vision algorithms, which generate precise location data for NCAA Men’s, NBA, and international basketball games. The Score Center’s advanced analysis will shed light on teams and players that are exceeding or falling short of expectations, utilising ShotQuality’s algorithms powered by the precise location of every player on the court.

Simon Gerzberg, Founder of ShotQuality, highlighted, “Our focus on extracting player location data from broadcast feeds has positioned us to leverage one of basketball’s most extensive datasets. Originally embraced by top coaches, this data quickly gained traction among bettors who recognised its incredible value. The partnership with Huddle presents an exciting opportunity to introduce our advanced location data and Score Center to top-tier sportsbooks. This collaboration will inject a new level of predictive prowess and engagement into the sports betting arena.”

Dylan Mitchard, VP of Business Development at Huddle, emphasised their commitment to innovation, stating, “Huddle has consistently led the way in providing solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations. Partnering with ShotQuality allows us to further strengthen this commitment by offering a unique level of accuracy.”

In 2023 alone, Huddle witnessed a substantial surge in volume and hold percentage, with client hold percentages increasing by 3.65% during the NBA Conference Semifinals compared to the previous year. Paul Moen, Sports Risk Supervisor at Huddle, highlighted the importance of timely execution in this industry, saying, “In an environment where every millisecond matters, executing critical tasks promptly is crucial. Our partnerships with Genius Sports and now ShotQuality enable us to offer the right line at the right time, every time.”

By seamlessly integrating ShotQuality’s advanced location data and predictive analytics into its automated pricing and trading services, Huddle aspires to establish a new industry benchmark for accuracy, uptime, and customer satisfaction. This collaboration holds the promise of elevating the iGaming experience to unprecedented heights.

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