Brute leaves “barbaric” hunting trap with glued food in residential street, resulting in death of pet cat

A family’s pet cat named Stan was killed after a heartless person glued food to a metal hunting trap and left it in a residential street. The Russian Blue feline got its neck trapped in the barbaric device, and because it was so heavy, it wouldn’t have been able to move after it snapped shut. The RSPCA is searching for the person who set the trap in Pennard Avenue, Liverpool. Although spring traps are not illegal, under section 8 of the Pests Act 1954, it is an offence to use one to kill pets. The person who set the trap faces up to five years in prison and an unlimited fine for causing unnecessary suffering.

Inspector Joanne McDonald from the RSPCA said that the trap was very heavy, and Stan would not have travelled very far after getting stuck in it. There was food glued to the trap, and whoever set it was putting any animal in the area at risk of serious injury. The trap also had different coloured fur on it, suggesting it had previously caught another animal. The RSPCA is warning pet owners in the area to be cautious and is asking for anyone with information to come forward to avoid another innocent animal being targeted.

Evie Button from the RSPCA’s wildlife department called spring traps cruel and barbaric. She said that they cause horrific injuries, which can be fatal like in the case of Stan. The devices are indiscriminate in nature and can cause suffering to any animal, whether it be wildlife or family pets. The RSPCA is extremely concerned that someone has set a trap in a residential area where people often walk their dogs and where there are likely to be cats. They urge anyone with information about the incident to contact them.

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