Revolutionary Online Reputation Management Service Embracing ‘Right to be Forgotten’ Launched by Entrepreneur

Reputation Online has emerged as the new vanguard of digital privacy in the UK, aiming to protect our right to privacy in the digital age where our online shadows often reach further than our real-life personas. 

Founded by Jeevan Mann, a Cardiff-based legal tech entrepreneur, Reputation Online has swiftly established itself as a beacon for those seeking to redress their online image and protect their privacy. Mann has recognised the profound impact that digital defamation can have and made it his mission to offer a new standard in online content management.

As misinformation and false representation proliferate online, Reputation Online has become the go-to ally for victims of digital abuse. They exercise the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ enshrined in the stringent UK GDPR legislation, facilitating the removal of erroneous content and ensuring the digital world reflects an individual’s true self. 

Mann’s enterprise goes beyond merely erasing negative content. It offers a sanctuary and nurtures a positive and accurate digital footprint for its clients. The team, proficient in the legal and technological intricacies of the internet, ensures a proactive and comprehensive approach to online reputation management. The business stands as a protector, implementing strategies to shield clients from future digital transgressions, with varied pricing options making this vital service accessible to all.

With meticulous and ethical processes, Reputation Online operates within the bounds of the law, offering tailor-made solutions to ensure each client’s digital dignity. The commitment to ethical standards underpins every company action, building relationships based on trust and legal integrity.

Mann has positioned Reputation Online for significant growth, with the ambition to serve up to 100 customers monthly and plans to extend services to the corporate sector. The threat of online disinformation looms large, and Reputation Online is ready to serve as the bulwark against this tide for businesses and individuals alike.

The business’ next steps are as audacious as they are comprehensive. Mann seeks to broaden the business’ services beyond the UK and into the European Union, targeting countries with privacy legislation mirroring the UK’s. “Our expertise is primed for the EU market, ripe for the services we excel in,” Mann said, underlining his vision for a wider, international reach.

This international expansion signifies more than just growth; it reflects a commitment to transforming the landscape of digital privacy management. Mann’s resolve is to combat the digital distortions plaguing both individuals and businesses, fortifying the digital transformations companies are undertaking and bolstering their online vulnerabilities.

Reputation Online is not content with simply expanding its client base; it aims to revolutionise the industry, setting new benchmarks for online reputation management. The business’s growth strategy includes reaching out to corporations, offering them a robust defence against the ever-evolving digital threats.

Mann’s vision is holistic – he envisions an online ecosystem where interaction is confident and secure for all. This ethos drives Reputation Online’s growth, as it advocates for a digital space characterised by integrity and respect.

For those eager to take control of their online narrative, Reputation Online stands ready. Further details on how Mann’s company can help manage your digital identity can be found at

Lauren Redford

Lauren Redford is a passionate digital marketer with a background in English Literature.

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