SML Introduces Clarity® RFID In Delivery Vehicle Solution to Revolutionize Proof-of-Delivery

SML, a global frontrunner in retail RFID technology and solutions, has unveiled its latest innovation—enhancing the Clarity® Store solution to revolutionise the process of stock receiving at various destinations. The cutting-edge technology leverages fixed RFID readers ingeniously positioned in the ceilings of trailers and trucks to automate accurate, hands-free proof of delivery at retail stores.

Presently, retailers grapple with imprecise management data concerning last-mile deliveries of their products. The lack of transparent visibility into product arrivals impedes retailers from effectively controlling inventory levels. This predicament often results in either excess or inadequate stock, leading to missed sales opportunities, dampened profits, and diminished customer contentment.

The new facet within Clarity® Store provides an ingenious remedy, furnishing retailers with real-time insights into their last-mile deliveries. This versatile solution caters to scenarios ranging from deliveries between distribution centers and retail outlets to last-mile deliveries for logistics enterprises. By integrating RFID readers from PervasID with the renowned Clarity® RFID platform, this innovation paves the way for elevated efficiency.

Installed within delivery vehicles, this pioneering technology meticulously scans products at an item-level within the vehicle during transit. The captured information is then seamlessly transmitted to the SML Clarity® cloud solution. This integration ensures that retailers’ and logistics companies’ enterprise systems are updated with the latest inventory levels and verifiable proof of delivery. Notably, the new solution has consistently yielded inventory accuracy exceeding 99% while efficiently scanning over 5,000 items within delivery vehicles during customer pilot tests.

Dean Frew, CTO & Senior Vice President of RFID Solutions at SML Group, stated, “The intricacies of last-mile delivery continue to pose challenges for both retailers and logistics service providers. Struggles surrounding inventory management inflate operational costs and undermine customer satisfaction. This pioneering solution, bolstered by PervasID technology, is poised to eliminate these obstacles for retailers. By providing real-time visibility into deliveries, it opens the door to an array of ROI opportunities for diverse clientele.”

Stay tuned for transformative advancements from SML. The collaboration with PervasID is poised to redefine the landscape of delivery management, empowering businesses with unparalleled control over their inventory and delivery processes.

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