Seven Seas Worldwide Advises on Duty-Free Shipping to the UK with ToR1

Seven Seas Worldwide, a leading international moving company, is urging those relocating to the UK to consider applying for a ToR1 form to avoid customs tax. The ToR1 form is crucial for individuals moving permanently to the UK, allowing them to import personal belongings without incurring customs duties on items like furniture, kitchen appliances, pets, and vehicles.

With over two decades of experience in assisting moves to the UK, Seven Seas Worldwide offers comprehensive guidance on the ToR1 application process, from filing the application to understanding approval times.

The ToR1 form, a mandatory legal document for new UK residents importing unaccompanied personal effects, can significantly reduce the financial burden associated with moving. Applications are submitted electronically via the HMRC website, with supporting documents uploaded in PDF and JPEG formats.

Eligibility criteria include making the UK the primary residence, owning the shipped goods for at least six months (with no intention to resell), and importing them within a year of arriving in the UK.

The processing time for ToR1 applications varies, typically taking between two to six weeks, depending on the accuracy of the application. Early applications and thorough checking of all details can expedite approval.

Choosing a reliable moving company is essential for a smooth transition. Look for firms with extensive experience, multilingual support, online tracking capabilities, packing material provision, and customs clearance services.

John Henderson, Managing Director at Seven Seas Worldwide, stated: “I strongly encourage our customers to leverage the ToR1 process for tax relief on personal effects when shipping to the UK. It’s not just a financial advantage; it’s a seamless way to ensure a smoother transition, making your move a truly stress-free experience.”

For detailed information on duty-free shipping to the UK, Seven Seas Worldwide’s ToR1 guide is a valuable resource.

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