Seven Seas Worldwide Expands Shipping and Removals Routes into India

Seven Seas Worldwide is excited to announce the expansion of its international shipping routes, offering customers the opportunity to safely import their personal belongings and household items into India using the company’s innovative removals container, the MoveCube®. This cost-effective and hassle-free service covers numerous major cities in India, including New Delhi, Mumbai (Bombay), Jaipur, Bangalore, and Chennai.

The MoveCube® serves as a compact shipping crate that Seven Seas Worldwide delivers directly to your doorstep for you to load with a variety of items, ranging from boxes and bags to household furniture and sports equipment.

Here are some key benefits of using the MoveCube® when shipping belongings to India:

  • Total Security: Seven Seas Worldwide seals the MoveCube® in your presence once it’s loaded. It remains securely sealed until it reaches India, except in cases where customs inspection is required, which will be overseen and documented by their trusted team.
  • Free Removals Starter Pack: Every MoveCube® order includes essential packing materials to help you get started. The Starter Pack comprises a measuring tape, parcel tape with a dispenser, a box cutter, and a marker pen. Additionally, you’ll receive three plastic floor sheets in various sizes (Large, Medium, and Small) to assist you in estimating how much you can load into the MoveCube®.
  • Indian Customs Clearance: Seven Seas Worldwide’s extensive local knowledge enables them to efficiently handle Indian customs clearance procedures on your behalf, alleviating any concerns you may have.

John Henderson, Managing Director at Seven Seas Worldwide, expressed the company’s commitment to providing stress-free international removals: “We’re always looking for new ways to connect customers with their dream destinations — which is why we’re so thrilled to announce the launch of our new shipping route to India. Our aim at Seven Seas Worldwide is to make international removals stress-free, and we can’t wait to help customers on their next exciting move.”

With this expansion of services, Seven Seas Worldwide continues to facilitate hassle-free international relocations and shipping, ensuring that customers can confidently import their belongings into India with ease.

Sam Allcock

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