NHS Faces Monumental Challenge to Modernise Hospitals and Reduce Carbon Emissions

The NHS is confronting a “monumental” challenge to ensure its hospitals are modernised, while also reducing carbon emissions and addressing maintenance backlogs.

Innovation and efficiency are crucial in creating adaptable buildings that cater to the needs of patients and staff.

Anastasia Chrysafi, health strategic framework manager for construction company Willmott Dixon, highlights the unprecedented situation of high-risk backlog maintenance costs reported by over 80% of NHS Trusts, which must also prioritise achieving net zero targets.

Simultaneously, it is essential to maintain accessible clinical service provision, leading to the need for upgrades and refurbishments in live environments.

“The challenges facing healthcare are huge; the need to improve efficiency, address backlog maintenance, decarbonise estates, and meet net zero targets are just the start. When you factor in healthcare buildings that are fit for purpose, supporting both patient treatment and recovery as well as our NHS workforce, it’s clear the task is monumental,” said Anastasia.

Willmott Dixon collaborates within the ProCure23 framework to address these challenges. The framework allows quick access to an NHS capital projects team that understands the operational pressures of the health service.

Companies like Willmott Dixon work closely with NHS Trusts to gather detailed feedback from patients, carers, and staff at elective surgical hubs and community diagnostic centers to inform the development of new facilities.

“The framework enables partners to work together and develop efficient processes and solutions, such as repeatable rooms and standard components. These alone have saved the NHS millions so far, as well as tackling how it responds quickly to surge hub requirements and winter bed pressures,” explained Anastasia.

Willmott Dixon has successfully completed over 100 healthcare construction projects across England and Wales in the past decade. The company excels in new builds, refurbishment, and upgrades in live environments, covering acute, mental health, and community care facilities.

Anastasia emphasised, “Speed of delivery is essential to provide healthcare facilities as promptly as possible without compromising quality.”

For more information about Willmott Dixon’s projects within the healthcare sector, visit willmottdixon.co.uk.

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