ICMA Digital Academy Inaugurated Virtually with Keynote Address by President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi

The ICMA Digital Academy, the digital skills development division of the Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Pakistan (ICMAP) in partnership with The FinTech Group (TFG) based in London, held its virtual inauguration through a live webinar on Friday, August 4th, 2023. This collaboration, registered in the UK, aims to equip Pakistan’s future workforce with globally sought-after digital skills, fostering job readiness.

The live webinar featured prominent representatives from esteemed institutions committed to advancing digital and emerging technology skills in Pakistan. Noteworthy participants included P@SHA, the Pakistan IT Industry Association, the Pakistan Stock Exchange, the National Institute of Banking & Finance, the Pakistan Freelancers Association, the Pakistan Software Export Board, and prominent Big Four accounting firms. The event also saw the involvement of higher education institutions, as well as leadership teams from both ICMA and TFG. International firms specialising in EdTech, comprehensive digital enrollment platforms, and micro-internships for learners also attended the inauguration.

In a video message, His Excellency President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi, emphasised the significance of ICMA Digital Academy’s initiative in enabling Pakistan’s youthful population to offer their services globally. President Alvi noted the enthusiasm of young adults to acquire new technologies and engage professionally with a worldwide clientele.

Addressing the evolving landscape of future jobs, the President underscored the feasibility of remote work and its potential to create opportunities for Pakistani youth to interact virtually with service users worldwide, eliminating geographical constraints. He commended ICMA for its timely launch of the Digital Academy, emphasising the need for Pakistan to embrace the rapid pace of global change.

President Alvi highlighted the urgency of connecting Pakistan’s burgeoning youth with the global intellectual community. He stressed that this connection is crucial for unlocking the country’s potential and preventing missed opportunities.

Mr. Shahzad Malik, the President of ICMA, echoed President Alvi’s sentiments, emphasising the vision of the ICMA Digital Academy to equip ICMA members and university students with internationally comparable digital skills, thereby enhancing Pakistan’s capacity for digital exports. The Academy’s plans to enhance digital competencies across corporate and public sector entities align with the national digital transformation agenda.

Enrolment for digital skills development programs through ICMA Digital Academy is expected to commence in early October 2023, marking a significant step towards nurturing a digitally proficient workforce for Pakistan’s future.

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