Strength and Conditioning Education Earns Esteemed NSCA Endorsement for Level 4 Course

Strength and Conditioning Education is delighted to announce that its esteemed Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Course has been officially endorsed by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

This prestigious recognition affirms the Level 4 course’s quality and credibility, positioning it among the elite educational programmes in the strength and conditioning (S&C) sector.

The NSCA, a globally respected organisation dedicated to strength and conditioning professionals, has endorsed the Level 4 course, acknowledging its adherence to the highest standards in curriculum development, instructional quality, and evaluation methods. This endorsement not only enhances the value of the qualification for graduates but also underscores their dedication to evidence-informed practice and compliance with industry-leading protocols.

With the NSCA’s endorsement, Strength and Conditioning Education can now offer its Level 4 course internationally, increasing its accessibility. Graduates of this accredited course will also be awarded two NSCA CEU points, benefiting professionals who need to maintain their certification or licensure through ongoing education and training.

Jonathan Filewood from Strength and Conditioning Education stated: “The NSCA endorsement adds a layer of prestige to a student’s qualification, setting them apart from other candidates in the competitive realm of strength and conditioning. It also assures them of receiving a comprehensive and up-to-date education based on the latest scientific research and practical applications.

“Employers actively seek out candidates with NSCA-endorsed qualifications, recognising the rigorous training and industry-recognised skills they possess. Upon completion, students will be eligible to earn recognised certifications such as the SCE Strength and Conditioning Programming Specialist, Functional Assessment Specialist, and Olympic Weightlifting Specialist.”

Furthermore, the Level 4 course by Strength and Conditioning Education is enriched by numerous other advantages.

Jonathan further elaborated: “We’re the best at what we do because we have the best at what they do. Students learn from leading professionals in the field with extensive experience and real-world expertise.

“The course allows students to master essential topics like exercise physiology, program design, injury prevention, and sport-specific training. We also offer online, blended, or fully in-person delivery to fit individual needs and preferences.”

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