TikToker reveals high prices of everyday items at Tesco abroad, leaving social media users baffled

A TikToker has revealed the high prices of everyday items at an international version of Tesco, leaving social media users baffled. Sonia Leiro, known as @avocadosenelemundo on TikTok, shared a video that went viral, racking up 58,000 views and thousands of likes. The clip showed the inflated prices of many items, including cereal priced at €5.50 (£4.80), which is available for €3 (£2.62) in other stores, bacon and cheese stuffed potato skins priced at €5 (£4.36), retailing at £1.40 in the UK, frozen battered cod priced at €10 (£8.73) and a steak pie for €8.50 (£7.42). Sonia also pointed out that Tesco-branded cups, bowls and glasses with a British flag printed on them were available. Users shared their shock at the high prices and some were also intrigued to know that their British favourites could be found with ease.

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