NCM Auctions Revitalises Former Debenhams and Next Store Items in Sustainable Sale

NCM Auctions, a South Yorkshire-based auction and asset management firm, is currently rejuvenating items from the ex-Debenhams and Next Beauty & Home stores at Midsummer Place in Milton Keynes. This initiative is part of a broader scheme to prepare the space for a fresh retail and leisure experience.

The site, a three-storey building, was previously occupied by Debenhams and Next Beauty & Home until Next vacated in May. NCM Auctions has been entrusted by Sloane Curtis, specialists in retail refurbishment, to clear these spaces for the upcoming retail and leisure development in the ongoing revamp of the Midsummer Place shopping centre.

NCM is hosting a no-reserve online auction featuring a variety of items from these stores, including retail fixtures, branded merchandising units, concession stands, catering equipment, racking, and more.

Their distinctive approach allows for the reuse and repurposing of these items, offering a sustainable alternative to landfill disposal. This method not only benefits the environment but also contributes positively to social and economic aspects.

Alex McCormick from NCM Auctions details the process: “We have a huge buyer base of smaller businesses, independent retailers and charities who regularly buy from our auctions. Giving them access to high-quality retail displays, fixtures and catering equipment at a fraction of the cost of sourcing new items.

It’s great to see these smaller retailers using our auctions to help grow and scale their businesses. At the same time, we’re helping clear space for new retailers and improve the shopping and retail experience for visitors to Midsummer Place.”

The auction for the former Debenhams and Next Home stores is currently active, with bidding concluding on 29 November from 1pm. Those interested can browse the catalogue and register to bid.

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