Big win! Lottery winner treats family to meaty dinner with high steaks

A man from Canada, Peter Anglin, who works as a swimming pool builder, has treated his family to a steak dinner after winning £100,000 from the Lotto 6/49 draw. Peter, from Maple Ridge near Vancouver, has spent the past 25 years building swimming pools for other families but now plans to build one for himself. When Peter discovered he won the prize, he sent a photo of the winning numbers to his wife and texted his children to say that they were having steaks for dinner that night. Peter bought the winning ticket at the ValleyFair Mall in Maple Ridge.

Peter plans to use the winnings to make some home improvements and build his own swimming pool. He said, “For the last 25 years, I’ve built pools for other people and have always wanted one of my own. I’m closer to that goal now.”

Another lottery winner from Canada, Stan Ismond, who lives in Abernethy in Saskatchewan, won CAD 100,000 (£58,800) and decided not to wake his wife with his early morning celebrations. Stan added an Extra to his Lotto Max ticket and matched the last six numbers. He plans to invest his cash prize.

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