Hinge Date Asks to Pop Pimple, Divides Opinion

A woman’s Hinge date took an unexpected turn when he asked to pop one of her pimples during their second date, sparking a divided reaction online. Beca Michie, a model, shared the incident on TikTok, garnering over 9.1 million views and mixed responses.

Beca, from New Jersey, explained that she rarely uses dating apps but was surprised by how much she liked this guy from Hinge. Their second date was an impromptu breakfast followed by a walk in Central Park, where they got comfortable with each other quickly, making her not take his request personally.

In a tearful TikTok video, Beca recounted the moment when he looked into her eyes and asked if he could pop the pimple on her forehead. Shockingly, she agreed to it, leading to surprise and varied reactions online.

Some viewers saw it as a positive sign for their relationship, with comments suggesting that he was a keeper or “the one.” Others found it socially awkward or even funny, expressing mixed emotions of sympathy and amusement.

Despite the incident, Beca described her date as a “lovely human” and admitted that she reciprocated by popping his spots on their third date. However, their romantic connection did not last, and they decided not to pursue a relationship after a few more dates.

Beca shared the TikTok video with her date, who took it in stride and even joked that his friends had already shared it in their group chats. Although she enjoyed the dates, Beca decided to take a break from dating apps, preferring a more genuine and long-lasting connection.

While the pimple-popping incident created a stir online, it highlighted the diverse opinions and reactions that people have when it comes to dating and unexpected situations.

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