“I get trolled for sucking my thumb at 30 but boyfriends find it cute – and I won’t give it up”

Mica Moore, a 30-year-old British Olympian bobsledder from Cardiff, Wales, has revealed that she has been trolled for still sucking her thumb. Despite criticism from her hundreds of thousands of followers online, Mica refuses to stop her habit, which she has been doing since childhood. She insists that boyfriends find it cute and claims that the habit is part of her at this point. Mica said that she has tried everything, such as using hot sauce, nail-biting nail varnish, and even putting socks on her hands at night, but none of it has worked, and she always went back to sucking her thumb.

Mica has faced heavy criticism online after sharing videos with her 470,000 followers on TikTok about her habit and the health issues it has caused. One of her videos went viral, attracting 8.9 million views and 723,000 likes. However, Mica is determined not to let the hate get to her. She says that it has never been an issue in her romantic life, and none of her boyfriends has ever been embarrassed or tried to stop her.

Mica also revealed that she finds it bizarre that she has trolls who say mean things about her teeth because it’s something that doesn’t affect anyone else. Most of the time, they say things like “Oh my god I can’t believe you still suck your thumb at your age!” or they try to blame her parents. She added that she has a fun personality and can take a good joke and make light of a situation so that she never takes any of their comments to heart.

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