“Big Brother” Finalist Olivia Young Offers Cameo Messages for £2.36 Without Guaranteed Response

Olivia Young, the recent runner-up of “Big Brother,” is now inviting fans to message her on Cameo for a fee of £2.36, though a reply is not assured. This move comes just two weeks after her successful stint on the reality show.

The 23-year-old Glasgow native has newly joined the celebrity video platform, Cameo, allowing fans to interact with her by paying £2.36 for a 250-character message. However, her Cameo page includes a disclaimer: “After you’ve sent your message, download the Cameo app to view the whole conversation. Please understand that you are not guaranteed a response.”

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Cameo, a site where celebrities set their rates for video messages, is famous for obtaining personalized shout-outs and birthday wishes. Olivia charges a modest £20 for custom video clips, a fee significantly lower than that of several celebrities who seize hundreds.

Post her “Big Brother” fame, there were rumours about Olivia joining “Love Island,” but she dismissed them, expressing no interest in participating in a dating show, much to her fans’ disappointment. Instead, she has chosen to engage with her audience through Cameo, announcing, “You all asked people. I am on Cameo.”

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Olivia isn’t the only one from her “Big Brother” cohort to use the platform. Dylan Tennant, a DJ and the sixth evictee from the house, also offers his services on Cameo. Unlike Olivia, he charges £12 for personalized videos and has already garnered two five-star reviews.

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