Carplus Launches Enhanced Extended Warranty: Enhance Your Motoring Experience with Advanced Protection

Carplus, a leading figure in the car financing brokerage sector, renowned for its commitment to transparency, integrity, and customer satisfaction, proudly announces the rollout of their Extended Warranty programme. This innovative scheme is tailored to offer all-encompassing protection, safeguarding your automotive investment beyond the confines of traditional manufacturer warranties.

Standard manufacturer warranties often provide limited coverage, which diminishes over time, leaving second-hand car owners susceptible to the economic risks linked with mechanical and electrical breakdowns. Addressing this issue, Carplus has crafted a comprehensive Extended Warranty programme, ensuring a dependable safety net throughout your car ownership journey.

Specially designed to suit individual preferences and financial constraints, the Carplus Extended Warranty presents a range of coverage options:

  • Flexi Gold: Select from one-year or three-year comprehensive coverage.
  • Platinum: Benefit from three years of full peace-of-mind coverage.

At Carplus, we understand the value of an uninterrupted car ownership experience. In the face of any unexpected issues, our warranty services are here to ensure a quick and efficient resolution.

Benefits of Choosing Extended Warranty

Especially valuable for pre-owned car owners, the Carplus Extended Warranty defends against the costs associated with unexpected repairs as vehicles age and increase in mileage. By selecting our extended warranty, motorists can relish in the comfort of continuous coverage beyond the standard manufacturer’s terms.

Grasping the Extent of Your Extended Warranty

The Carplus Extended Warranty offers comprehensive protection, yet it is important to recognise its limitations. Exclusions include routine wear and tear, consumables like fuel and oil, and damages stemming from maintenance neglect.

Carplus urges consistent maintenance to enhance your car’s longevity and possibly prevent issues not covered by the warranty. This commitment to openness ensures that our customers can set realistic expectations and maintain their vehicles in line with best practices.

Cancellation Policy

Aiming to further improve customer contentment, Carplus provides a 14-day cooling-off period following the policy’s issuance. During this interval, customers can revoke their policy by reaching out to the warranty team at

Elevate your driving experience with Carplus Extended Warranty – navigate with certainty, secure in the knowledge that your coverage extends beyond the manufacturer’s terms. For more information, please visit

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