The Intriguing Tale of Adultery, Murder, and the Devil Behind a Cognac Legend

The world-renowned spirit, Cognac, has a legend as rich and dramatic as its taste, involving a French knight’s encounters with the devil himself.

Legend has it that the Chevalier de la Croix Maron, Lord of Segonzac, and Knight of the Maron Cross, upon returning from war, discovered his wife in an adulterous act. Overcome with rage, he murdered her and her lover. This act set off a series of nightmares where the devil attempted to boil his soul twice to claim it. This torment led the nobleman to seek solace in brandewijn, a Dutch spirit, but his nightmares persisted.

In a moment of revelation, the Lord of Segonzac, a devoutly religious man, perceived these dreams as divine messages rather than punishments. He hypothesized that his soul required double roasting due to its piety, and perhaps the brandewijn needed a similar process. Instructing his servants to distil the brandewijn a second time, he inadvertently created a smoother, sweeter spirit, later known as cognac.

While the true origins of cognac are likely rooted in the French mastery of double distillation, this legend has captivated the public for centuries.

Mark Littler Ltd pays homage to this story with the release of a rare 29-year-old Grande Champagne Cognac, limited to 247 bottles and priced at £150 each. Angus MacRaild of Whisky Fun praised this cognac, describing it as “excellent and very enjoyable!” and noting its “distinctly chocolatey” character and “rustic and autumnal” side.

The Grande Champagne region, famed for its chalky soil ideal for cognac grapes, produces prestigious cognacs like Remy Martin Louis XIII. The 29-year-old Grande Champagne Cognac by Mark Littler Ltd, embodying this rich heritage, is now available for purchase online.

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