Roots & Rolls Makes a Landmark Debut in the Middle East at COP28 with PXB Collaboration

Roots & Rolls, Barcelona’s acclaimed plant-based culinary haven, is set to make a significant entry into the Middle East at COP28 in Dubai, in an exclusive partnership with PXB – a versatile studio, advisory, and restaurant in Expo City Dubai. This collaboration is a testament to their shared dedication to wellness, sustainability, and conscious living.

At the heart of the Blue Zone, Roots & Rolls will showcase a menu that aligns with the 1.5-degree climate goal. This initiative underscores a strong commitment to a transformative global food system and COP28’s goal to provide two thirds of its food from plant-based sources to minimise emissions per delegate. Sandra, the founder of Roots & Rolls, commented: “As the founder of Roots & Rolls, I’m genuinely proud to join PXB in a partnership ensuring a 1.5 degree-aligned menu for attendees at COP28, Blue Zone, whilst also sending a strong signal and inspiration worldwide for the need for rapid change in our global food system.”

Celebrated for its ‘Notable and Innovative Venue Award’ at the IV Barcelona Hospitality Awards 2023, Roots & Rolls will offer a unique menu from their 100% plant-based food truck, featuring five inventive dishes:

  • Popcorn: crispy cauliflower bouquets, aioli, togarashi
  • Hip carrots sushi roll: marinated carrots, peanut sauce, avocado, pickled red cabbage, black
  • Emerald sushi roll: wakame, sugar snap peas, cucumber, vegan cream cheese, pak choi, sesame, yuzu miso & black quinoa rice
  • Geisha sushi roll: avocado maki with gluten-free panko, planted chick’n tartare, fermented chilli sauce, chives & black quinoa rice
  • Hiyashi noodle salad: Japanese wheat noodles, sugar snap, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, lamb’s lettuce, wakame, goma sauce

Chef Cristian Rojas of Roots & Rolls will be conducting live plant-based cooking demonstrations at Urban Farm Expo Dubai, including three engaging classes organised by PXB on December 4th in the Expo Centre Green Zone.

PXB, founded by Loui Blake and steered by a team of experts, ensures a conscientious, holistic wellness experience for guests. Focused on fostering health, wellness, and sustainability, PXB champions a plant-based lifestyle.

Loui Blake, an acclaimed marketer, entrepreneur, and founder of Erpingham House and Kalifornia Kitchen, also leads Miami Foods and invests in alternative protein startups.

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