Lack of Awareness: Millions Uninformed about Gut Health – 11 Gut Symptoms to Watch Out For

A significant number of adults remain uninformed about the importance of gut health and its impact on sleep, mood, and energy levels, according to a poll of 2,000 adults.

While 82 percent acknowledge the importance of caring for their gut, nearly half (47 percent) admit to being clueless about where to begin when it comes to gut wellbeing.

Moreover, their knowledge of the gut’s functions is also lacking, with only 60 percent recognizing that one of the gut’s primary roles is food digestion.

Of those who claim to know which body parts make up the gut, a fifth incorrectly identified the gall bladder as part of the gut, and another 13 percent mistakenly believed the liver to be involved.

Additionally, 30 percent were unaware that both the small and large intestines are vital components of the gut.

In response to these findings, Activia yoghurts, in partnership with TV’s Dr Zoe Williams, has launched the ‘What the Gut?’ museum. The initiative aims to provide accessible and educational information to help people understand and care for their gut health.

A spokesperson for Activia stated, “There is an awareness that gut health is important, but not enough clear information to support people in taking care of their gut. The aim of the museum will be to help people navigate gut health in a fun, accessible, and educational way while equipping them with the information to look after it.”

The study also revealed that 16 percent of respondents do not prioritize gut health, with 40 percent indicating they would only be concerned if their GP advised them to do so.

Interestingly, many participants reported experiencing symptoms that could indicate gut issues, such as heartburn (20 percent), fatigue (19 percent), bloating (18 percent), and constipation (17 percent).

However, less than half (45 percent) of those with gut-related symptoms have taken action to address them.

Among those who sought help, over half (55 percent) consulted a medical or healthcare professional, while 31 percent relied on advice from family and friends.

For those who did not seek assistance, 30 percent did not consider the symptoms severe enough, and 23 percent believed medical intervention was unnecessary.

Embarrassment may also contribute to the reluctance to discuss gut health, as 63 percent admitted feeling uncomfortable discussing the topic with their partner.

The poll also identified several measures that respondents deemed important for maintaining a healthy gut, including drinking more water (46 percent), consuming fibre (45 percent), and incorporating foods such as whole grains, bananas, and greens (42 percent) into their diet.

A spokesperson for Activia concluded, “As a brand, we are passionate about good gut health for all, and we want to mobilise conversation in this area with our ‘What the Gut?’ Museum. The gut plays such a significant role in the body. It is vital we make it a priority. Make 2023 the year you look after your gut – it’s more important than you might think!”

11 Gut Symptoms to Watch Out For:

  1. Diarrhea
  2. Constipation
  3. Bloating of the abdomen
  4. Stomach cramps
  5. Gas
  6. Fatigue
  7. Bad breath
  8. Weight fluctuations
  9. Low mood
  10. Skin issues (e.g., acne/dry skin)
  11. Heartburn

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