Soothing Steps: DB Wider Fit Shoes’ Answer to Bunion Discomfort with Innovative Stretch and Width Features

In an effort to alleviate the widespread issue of bunions, which affects a significant portion of the UK populace, DB Wider Fit Shoes is leading the charge with its fashion-forward, wider-fit footwear range. Bunions, a condition more prevalent among women due in part to restrictive shoe styles, impact over 15% of UK females.

The discomfort from bunions can lead to decreased activity and subsequent health decline. Finding suitable shoes is often a challenge, but DB Wider Fit Shoes is on a mission to educate and enable customers to make knowledgeable footwear choices. With a line-up of shoes featuring wide and deep fits, various toe shapes, and seamless uppers crafted from soft leather or flexible materials, the brand offers effective bunion accommodation, reducing discomfort and promoting a more active lifestyle.

The Overlooked Epidemic: Examining Bunion Prevalence

Approximately 14 million UK residents grapple with bunions, with women constituting about 10 million of this number. While genetics play a role, factors such as hormones and shoe choice can exacerbate or trigger bunion development. Bunions are notably common in women over 45, correlating with hormonal shifts during pregnancy and menopause affecting foot ligaments and bones.

This widespread issue is often underestimated, leaving many feeling isolated in their struggle. However, the reality is that bunions are far from uncommon.

Charles Denton, DB Wider Fit Shoes’ Managing Director, states, “Bunions are more common than many people realise, and the discomfort associated with them can be exacerbated by wearing shoes that do not accommodate the natural width of the foot. Our mission is to shed light on this often-unseen struggle and provide a solution through our range of DB Wider Fit Shoes.”

Insights from Dr Mike Curran, Healthy Footwear Guide Authority

Dr Mike Curran, Chair of the Healthy Footwear Guide and an advocate for the Society of Shoe Fitters, adds, “Bunions can be a painful and progressive condition. Unfortunately, many individuals are unknowingly contributing to their discomfort by wearing shoes that do not provide sufficient stretch and width. It’s essential for people to understand the impact of footwear on their foot health and make informed choices.”

Promoting Foot Health Awareness

DB Wider Fit Shoes is committed to enlightening the public on the link between proper shoe fit and bunion mitigation. The company urges accurate foot measurement and the selection of shoes designed to accommodate bunions stylishly. With the recent introduction of an online foot measuring tool and offering widths up to 8E, DB Wider Fit Shoes is setting a new standard in footwear comfort and health.

As DB Wider Fit Shoes highlights the hidden struggles of those with bunions in the UK, the goal is to empower individuals with the knowledge to prioritise foot health and make educated footwear choices.

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