Amanda Oldfield: The Force Behind the Brand

Amanda Oldfield’s journey with the Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Co. is deeply intertwined with her commitment to sustainability. This ethos is driven by her lifelong value for durability and her support for natural fibres.

Her advocacy for British-made materials and her zeal for incorporating them more extensively have nurtured her appetite for learning, leading her into the realm of shepherding.

For Amanda, sustainable living is not just a concept but a daily practice, now reflected in her foray into podcasts and Instagram.

Amanda’s eco-conscious approach is informed by her understanding of environmental stewardship, even if it pertains to a relatively small domain. Her decisions are deliberate and thoughtful.

Reflecting on his upbringing, her son Harry recalls, “As children, I always remember my brother Jack and I having wool carpets, cotton curtains and cotton bedding. Nothing was throwaway. It lasted; something that I think is more uncommon nowadays”.

Amanda’s early exposure to natural fabrics and interior design was shaped by her grandmother Ivy May, a Fashion Buyer with a keen eye for quality in Peterborough.

Her approach to purchases has always been thoughtful, driven by the necessity of choosing long-lasting, well-crafted items, where economic considerations were paramount.

This philosophy resonates with many today, especially during the cost-of-living crisis, where Amanda’s ethos of minimal waste aligns with the growing preference for durable, timeless, and restorable items.

Amanda’s lifestyle is a testament to this belief, from her British wool clothing collection to her choice of Victorian furniture, all reflecting the foundational values of the Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Co.

After two decades at the helm of the Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Co., Amanda is now exploring personal interests, with her venture into shepherding sparked by a collaboration with the Sandringham Estate.

Her pursuit of using pure British wool for mattress ticking has not only expanded her knowledge but also fueled her mission to advocate for the benefits of wool, aiming to educate consumers on its advantages.

Amanda’s hands-on experience in shepherding has equipped her with valuable insights, making her a fervent advocate for wool’s environmental benefits, especially its biodegradability compared to synthetic fibres.

With her own flock set to expand, Amanda is eagerly anticipating the shearing process, aspiring to craft a wool rug as a symbol of her dedication and passion.

Her new Instagram account offers followers a glimpse into her shepherd life, fostering a community that values fairness, natural fibres, and sustainability.

Listeners of the Two in a Bed podcast can look forward to hearing from Amanda as she discusses wool and shepherding with local sheep farmer Gordon and Giles Kime, the Interiors Editor at Country Life.

Amanda’s goal is to cultivate a personal brand within a community that shares her commitment to sustainable living.

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